BC Recovery Benefit

January 12th Update:

  • As of today 1.4 million people have been approved for the B.C. Recovery Benefit and $689 million has been distributed.

  • Anyone wishing to inquire about the status of their application is asked to send an email to: BCRBPsupport@gov.bc.ca

December 22nd Update:

  • As of yesterday 480,000 applications (totaling 675,000 people) have been processed, with payments scheduled to go out this week. This is a big accomplishment, as the province has never rolled out a benefit program on this scale before- and to do so only weeks after being sworn into government, in the midst of a pandemic, has been a challenge. I want to thank everyone for their patience during this process.
  • Some people have received requests for additional information and documents. I can confirm that this is not a random selection, this is due to information on the application not matching information already held by the government.
  • Common reasons for additional information being requested: More than one application submitted with the same ID information (SIN or Drivers License), address not matching, information on the application not matching the information we have obtained from the CRA or incomplete information on the application.
  • There have been concerns about the legitimacy of the emails received, and we have been told the best way for people to verify that the email is legitimate is to ensure that the confirmation number referenced in the email is the same as the one that was provided to you at the end of the application. If you are still unsure please contact Ministry staff using the contact information below.
  • Autoreplies are being adjusted for people whose applications were missing data, or had data that did not match existing records. This should provide greater clarity. They have also removed the 30 day notice as this is not correct. Once applications, or additional documents are received it should take no more than five business days to receive funds.
If you’re not sure about the legitimately of the email you received, or if you have questions, please contact the ministry at BCRBPsupport@gov.bc.ca. People can also call: 1-833-882-0020




British Columbians are now able to apply for the BC Recovery Benefit. This one-time, tax-free payment of up to $1,000 for families and single parents, and up to $500 for individuals, will help support British Columbians who are dealing with the pressures of COVID-19.


To apply you will need your:

✅ Social insurance number
✅ 2019 income tax notice of assessment from the CRA
✅ If applicable, spouse’s 2019 income tax notice of assessment
✅ Direct deposit information


In addition to the above please note that you need to meet the following requirements to be eligible:

✅ Be a resident of B.C. on Dec. 18, 2020

✅ Be at least 19 years old on Dec. 18, 2020

✅ Have filed a 2019 income tax return



Frequently Asked Questions



What are the income level requirements?

  • $1,000 benefit for families with incomes under $125,000. Families earning between $125,000 and $175,000 will qualify for the benefit on a sliding scale. Single parent families also qualify for these benefit amounts.
  • $500 benefit for single people earning less than $62,500. Single people earning between $62,500 and $87,500 will qualify for the benefit on a sliding scale.



How do I apply?

British Columbians can apply through one of the following:

  • Starting Dec. 18 you can apply online by visiting: gov.bc.ca/recoverybenefit
  • Starting Dec. 21, agents will be available by phone to assist people who need help applying, including those who do not have internet access.
  • Phone-based support is available at 1 833 882-0020  Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



How long do people have to apply?

  • People have until June 30, 2021 to apply for the BC Recovery Benefit.



How long will it take to receive my benefit?

  • It is anticipated that a majority of eligible applicants will receive payment within five business days (through direct deposit)
  • For applications that require manual review to determine eligibility, it will take longer for payments to be made, depending on the volumes of applications that require manual review.



What constitutes a family for this benefit?

  • For the purposes of the BC Recovery Benefit, a family is two adults who are living in a marriage or common-law partnership relationship. Families are eligible for a benefit of up to $1,000.
  • Single parents who have primary responsibility of their children are also eligible for a benefit of up to $1,000.



For families with two adult parents, who will receive the benefit?

  • Only one adult parent is needed to apply for the benefit. The benefit will go to the individual who makes the application.
  • If both adult parents make an application to the program, the benefit payment will go to the parent whose application is processed first



I currently receive income assistance or provincial disability can I apply?

  • Yes and we expect those receiving assistance or disability will be eligible for the full benefit amounts of $500 for single people or $1,000 for families. This is in edition to the new BC Recovery Supplement of $150 a month
  • We also recognize that not everyone on income assistance or disability assistance may have filed taxes for 2019. We’re working on modified application process to be launched in the new year for people facing these barriers.



I am a retired senior can I apply?

  • Yes and you are encouraged to apply. We estimate up to 3.7 million British Columbians, or 90% of adults in our province, are eligible to receive the BC Recovery Benefit



I have been working through the pandemic, can I apply for this benefit even though my work has not been impacted by COVID?

  • Yes. We know that COVID has impacted people in every corner of our province, and those impacts are not necessarily dependent on whether your employment has been interrupted. Many people who have continued working have faced increased costs and expenses, as have seniors who are retired. During this pandemic my office heard from so many people in our community who were financially impacted by COVID, but who did not qualify for any of the existing relief benefits. This benefit is aimed at providing some much needed relief to a wider range of people, regardless of employment status, which we also know will give a much needed boost to local businesses and economies.



What about single parents under the age of 19? Will they get the benefit?

  • Single parents under the age of 19 do qualify. They will be required to provide the name and date of one dependent child that they are the primary caregiver for. They may be asked to provide additional information to prove eligibility.


Learn more: gov.bc.ca/recoverybenefit